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Cash For Junk Cars Los Angeles CA

Junk Car Boys was founded by two brothers, native to Chicago, but raised for more than half their life in Portland, OR. Their parents had a house out in the country, and they saw the mass amount of junk cars that kept on accumulating on their property. The parents would buy a junk car, drive it till it died, and it would just sit on the property while they would go buy another one to drive. The boys knew there had to be a solution to this problem. Many years later, the Junk Car Boys were born.

Today they are a national corporations with buying locations in every major city of the USA. Selling your unwanted vehicle is now the easiest thing that you can do. The two brothers have also been joined by their oldest brother. So now it is a family ran business.

The reason for JCB’s success is because of their extreme dedication to customer service. The whole foundation of JCB is to make sure that the customer is taken care of. That motto has made JCB what it is today. People are telling their co-workers, neighbors, family, etc about the service that JCB has to offer.

The three brothers plan on continuing their path on “doing the right thing for the customer” and constantly fine tuning their service. JCB owes all its success to you the customer…because without you…there would be no Junk Car Boys. The 3 brothers will always remember that.

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